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"Library and History Center" Opens in Cherry Point

On Friday evening, a great moment was witnessed by a crowd of dozens. In development for a number of generations, Cherry Point’s prominent Library and History Center has finally opened its doors to the public.

The ceremony was postponed by a few minutes as the owners, Fluffyrox and Arty_Social, made a couple of final preparations. However, once they were ready, they were greeted by cheers and chants. The ceremony began with the unveiling of the library’s flag: a variant on the town’s flag with the addition of a written book. Then, the ribbon was cut and fireworks were lit.

The library houses a number of reading areas, as well as its own café and publically-accessible enchanting table. Both fiction and non-fiction books can be found, and if you are a member of the library, then you are allowed to take some books out on loan. Becoming a member costs 20 Shmoolah, though there was a special 50%-off offer for those attending the opening.

We spoke to Fluffyrox, and he told us that he thought that the “opening was extremely successful”, and he “definitely wasn’t expecting as many people to turn up!

If you would like to visit the Library and History Center, then you can find it at 2 Turquoise Street, Cherry Point.