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Serial Killer Rumours on the Rise, Two Deaths Reported

Recent rumours of a serial killer have started surfacing across many towns. The main consensus seems to be that this unidentified killer uses masks of innocent town residents in order to blend in amongst the population, and has been confirmed to mimic the appearances of Darkwriting, Ezb008, Nosjo and our own Jammy4312.

We have confirmed the deaths of Skyao (artisan journalist) of the NBO, and Darkwriting (entrepreneur), also of the NBO. The Masked Killer decided to leave Skyao’s severed head outside the house of Cherry Point mayor Avondale, alongside a message appearing to indicate him as the next target. However, the Northlands Network has been unable to locate any reports indicating that the killer has taken these actions with their previous targets.

Darkwriting’s death happened soon after Skyao’s. His body was found after a concerned citizen, who appeared to be playing hide and seek with him at the time, reported him missing. We here at the Northlands Network will keep you updated on any further updates as and when we receive them. In the meantime, we advise that you stay safe and report any suspicious behaviour to your town’s main members of authority.